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7 Reasons to Fall in Love with Organizing Your Home

1. You will have more time. Getting rid of items you don't use anymore and organizing the rest means you will easily be able to find everything. No more searching for items when you need them. If you spend 10 minutes every day searching for certain items in your home, that's 1 hour and 10 minutes lost every week, almost 5 hours lost every month, and over 60 hours lost each year! See where I'm going with this? Being more organized will mean less time spent getting ready and out the door for you and your family.

2. Getting organized will save you money. Have you ever unsuccessfully searched for a certain spice in your pantry, then bought that spice at the store only to find you have three of that spice a few months later? And we wonder why we can't keep our spice cabinets tidy.

Getting organized will make taking inventory of your home before you buy much more efficient. You won't end up with duplicates in your pantry or your bathroom because you will know what you have.

If you can see it, you will use it. Getting organized will make sure you use what you have before buying more and if you find yourself not using something, you'll know that it can be tossed or donated.

3. Increase your overall satisfaction with life. "University of New Mexico’s Catherine Roster and colleagues (2016) examined how clutter compromises an individual’s perception of home, and ultimately feelings of satisfaction with life. The underlying premise of the study was that because many people identify so closely with their home environments, the extent to which it’s cluttered can interfere with the pleasure they experience when being in that environment." Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Psychology Today

4. Less stress. What do you feel when you walk into a messy or cluttered room versus a tidy one? You probably feel more relaxed in the clean one. An excessive amount of things in a certain space makes it almost impossible for you to relax because it signals to your brain that your work is never done.

5. Think more clearly and boosts creativity. Visual clutter=mental clutter. By decluttering and getting organized, you will think more clearly. When you see clutter, it overstimulates all of your senses making them work on stimuli that aren't important.

When your brain is not working overtime on stimuli that aren't important, you create more room to work creatively. "Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading the open spaces that allow most people to think, brainstorm, and problem solve." Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psychology Today

6. It will be quicker to tidy up. Getting organized means that everything will have a home, making it very simple for them to be returned to their homes. A lot of clutter in my client's homes comes from them simply not knowing where to put it away. Creating a system with labels gives items a permanent home and everyone in the home will be in the know. Time spent tidying up will become much more efficient.

7. Strengthen your relationships. It's amazing how many people I work with have said that they rarely invite friends over because they're embarrassed about the state of their home. If this is you, you are not alone. While your home doesn't have to be Instagram worthy at all times (hello LIFE!), it's time to put new systems in place if you are avoiding people coming over because they'll trip on those 15 pairs of shoes in the entryway. Being comfortable having guests over will leave you feeling less isolated and encourage stronger relationships.

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