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How I Prepare For My Clients

When you book a professional organizing session with me, only about half of my time is spent physically inside your home, decluttering and organizing. While this is definitely my favorite part, shopping for you is a close second! My clients are only charged for the time I spend in their home but before I show up, a lot goes into planning for the session.

Prior to booking a session with me, I offer an in-home consultation where we get to meet each other, discuss what the pain points are in your home, why you think the clutter has accumulated, what your goals are for your space, and your budget for any organization product I may recommend. This lasts 30-45 minutes and the fee is $35, which is credited back upon completion of your first session. If you feel like we'd be a good fit, I take pictures of your space, measure every nook and cranny, and draw a diagram of your space we'll be working on. And don't you dare think about tidying up before I come to see your space. It really is important for me to see your space in it's natural state so that I can see what is working or isn't working.

After our meeting, I spend a lot of time reviewing all of my notes, pictures, and measurements! This is when my creative brain takes over and I begin envisioning ways to maximize your space. I start taking notes and drafting a list of products. (I've never seen a kitchen that wouldn't benefit from a few lazy susans.) Drafting a diagram of your space works best for me and I'll look up product measurements online to make sure they will fit in your space.

Then, I get to shop for you! I'm that girl in The Container Store who is way too focused with a notebook checklist and measuring tape. By now, I know the layout of the store like the back of my hand. I'll shop for everything on my list, fine-tuning as I go. If I find multiple options that will work for your space, I'll grab them both- I love bringing choices that my clients can choose from. Any product that is not used at the end of a session, I return for you.

Lastly, I count down the days until I get to work magic on your home! ...Kidding! (kind of.) So much goes into preparing for each space I work on and I hope this gives you a good peek into what I've been up to before I walk into your home.

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