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My Top 10 Tips to Make Moving a Breeze

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I'm 29 and between moving to college, moving back after college, and moving in and out with girlfriends over the years, I've probably moved about ten times in my life. Hopefully, the majority of my moves have already happened, hah! Moving is exhausting. As much as you try to plan ahead, somehow you have more stuff than you thought and moving takes longer than you anticipated. We've all been there- in fact, I just WAS there.

Last weekend, my husband and I moved from an 830 sq ft apartment into a 1215 sq ft one. It's been three years since I've moved last and after doing so, I was reminded just how much being organized can help during an often stressful time. So, here are my top 10 tips for making moving a breeze!

1. Take the time to declutter before your move or hey, (shameless plug alert) hire a Professional Organizer! It doesn't make any sense to spend time packing up, hauling, and then unpacking items you haven't used or no longer use. By decluttering and doing some organizing ahead of time (the earlier you start before your move, the better) you will be packing and unpacking less stuff and you'll be starting off fresh in your new home without the clutter!

2. Invest in some banker boxes. Moving costs can add up quickly and I usually love cheap or free but this time, I invested in one size of banker boxes (affiliate link below!) and I'm really glad I did. It's true, you can find boxes for free but these are often from multiple places and are all different sizes. When you have boxes that are all the same size, they fit together better in your home before the move and in your car or Uhaul. You'll also cut down on the amount of taping. These boxes come flat and all you have to do is fold them, fold the lid, and they are done! The removable lid allowed me to add to the boxes without having to remove the tape and then tape them back up. These banker boxes came with handles, were extremely durable, and were a perfect size. One person was able to carry at least one box and these boxes fit plenty of items without being too heavy.

3. Start packing wall decor, out of season clothes, and books. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. About a week and a half before our move, I started packing items that I knew I wouldn’t be using within the next few weeks. Get a head start if you can!

4. Label, label, label! As much as I thought I would remember what was in each box, I was really glad I took the few extra seconds to list what was in them as I went. I also labeled boxes that were fragile and what room they should go in. Since we had family and friends helping us move, this let whoever brought each box into the new place know which room to put it in. Talk about efficiency! The labels also made it extremely helpful in finding what we needed for our first few nights in the new place and to prioritize what we unpacked.

5. The trash bag over the clothes hack. To move both my husbands and my clothes, I used 30-gallon, unscented trash bags and cut a slit in the middle of the bottom of the bag. I placed one trash bag over 7-10 hangers, secured the tops of the hangers with a rubber band, and tied the bottom of the bag. Our clothes were protected from rain and dirt and they were able to be hung directly into our new closets!

6. Split up your heavy kitchen appliances. My last move was about three years ago and I made the mistake of making some of the boxes too heavy which required two or three people to carry them. Kitchen appliances tend to get heavy fast. So this time, I started packing my kitchen by distributing all of our kitchen appliances between six boxes. Then I was able to fill the rest of each box with lighter items from the kitchen and no one box was too heavy. Distributing the weight evenly between boxes makes for a much smoother move for everyone!

7. Use large socks to pack your glassware. If you don't already have packing paper, no need to go out and buy some just for your move! Slip your fragile glassware into clean long socks and tuck the ankle end into the top of the glass. You won't have to recycle a bunch of paper when you unpack and you'll have fewer socks to pack!

8. Always make sure your boxes have handles before you fill them. There's nothing more frustrating than juggling an awkward box with nowhere to grab. If your boxes don't have handles, before you start packing them fully, cut a "T" into opposite sides of the box and fold down the corners to make a triangular opening. Voila! Handles!

9. Tuck you knives into your oven mitts. This is probably my favorite little hack that I found off of Pinterest. I've always packed my knives by rolling them up in packing paper but by the time I unpacked them, they would always end up ripping through the paper. Oven mitts make a great place to store your sharp knives when moving. This is a much safer way to pack knives and a great example of using what you already have.

10. Create an "Open First" box or bag. This will come with you on the first trip to the new place and in the front seat so it doesn't get lost with all of the other boxes. I was so happy I took the time to create this because we had friends helping us move and having bathroom necessities and soap to wash hands is just nice. Here's what I included in my "Open First" bag:

-Toilet paper and hand soap for bathrooms

-Hand towels

-Hand/dish soap for the kitchen

-Paper towels

-Kitchen towels

-Scissors/box cutters

-Multipurpose cleaner

-Snacks for anyone helping you move and yourself!

-Drinks that I put directly in the fridge so they would be cold

-Paper plates and plastic silverware- we served our friends and family pizza on the day of the move for helping. We also used these for our first week in our new place and having no dishes to do on top of unpacking was SO nice.

I hope these tips and hacks help make your move much smoother! If you have a favorite moving tip, be sure to share it in the comments. Remember, during a move there will likely be a few chaotic days or even a few weeks but once you are settled it will all be worth it.

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