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What Clients Have Said About Working with Me

You know, I'm not usually one to toot my own horn but this post is a bit braggadocio. To be fair, I have been working on taking compliments more graciously so this aligns with my new intention.

In this day and age, online reviews are one of the first places we check before giving a person or place our business. Reading what others are saying is one of the best ways to get a glance at how our experience will be. People do business with people they trust and great reviews cannot be faked so when we see many happy previous clients, our trust level in that restaurant, wedding dress shop, or house cleaner dramatically increases.

As a Professional Organizer, reviews are especially important because of the nature of my work. I am entering other people's homes which is very personal and therefore, trust is essential. My goal with every single client is to make sure they feel comfortable during our session. I want to leave them feeling empowered in their newly organized space and that our time spent organizing was more than worth it.

So when I receive confirmation that this goal is being accomplished in the form of kind reviews, I have to share.


"What a relief! When I open my cupboards I can actually find what I need! Sydney gave me the chance to see how much easier tasks can be when things are where they belong. She's professional, reliable, and fun to work with!" -Ida

"Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the clutter in your house? Do you need someone to tell you to get rid of stuff? What about just needing someone to give you ideas on how best to utilize your space?? Go to Sydney!! Sydney came over for 4 hours and helped me put together my son's room. My now 11-month-old son's room has been a kind of dump all room for MONTHS and I wanted it done. She helped me go through everything, set up the crib, took everything I was getting rid of to donation, AND since we still had 45 minutes to spare she helped me tackle my linen closet and made it functional. She also did all of this while my 4-year-old and 11-month-old were around. She’s legit amazing. I did send her pictures beforehand so she could show up with some storage options. I’m having her come back to do my kitchen and garage. I cannot say enough good things about the experience!" -Jenna

"Sydney came over to help me reorganize my bathroom. It was causing my husband some frustration and me overwhelm due to so many toiletries. She jumped right in with a strategy and even brought bathroom storage essentials that gave all of my items a home. Now I’m feeling great about being more organized and will definitely have her come back to help with other areas. She was easy to work with and great with my little one too." -Jennifer

"Wow! Who knew that organizing and decluttering could be so much fun. Sydney did an impeccable job! I am so happy I hired her." -Judy

"I am so happy with my newly organized kitchen! Sydney is amazing. She's personable, smart, talented, and fun. I really wasn't sure what to expect from a professional organizing experience. I've never done something like this before. I love how much more functional my kitchen is. It makes me happy every day. Money well spent!" -Sara

"Sydney was super fun to work with, and we got so much done in the few short hours she was here. Our kitchen was crammed full and disorganized, and she really helped us get a sustainable system set up. Weeks later now, we're still on track!" -Kat

"If you are looking for someone to come into your home and provide consultation on how to get organized, and then help you through the organization process, then Sydney at Shipshape is your answer! Sydney helped me identify the area that needed the most help, she was respectful in asking what I wanted to keep and what I’d like to donate and then she organized the area. We had so much fun throughout the day and the finished area looks amazing!! I couldn’t be happier with Sydney’s work!!" -Dena

"I hired Sydney to reorganize our kid's playroom, pantry, and kids school/art area. She knocked it out of the park and I’m having her come back to do our kids’ dresser/closet. We finally feel more at home after moving in 7 months ago." -Chloe

"Shipshape by Sydney did an amazing job taking our pantry from a disorganized messy closet to a de-cluttered usable space! She responded quickly, was affordable, and was easy to work with. She asked good questions throughout the process which saved a lot of time. The first consult to install was just 3 short weeks, and there wasn't a missed step. Everything was just what I wanted! We will for sure be moving on to the rest of the house. Highly recommend Shipshape by Sydney!" -Donna

"Not only did Sydney help declutter my kitchen, laundry, and bedroom, she gave me specific, actionable advice on how to keep it decluttered. She also has a great eye and came up with some really elegant solutions for a cleaner, more spacious layout of my rooms. It's an understatement to say it changed my life: I am so much more productive and less stressed out. I love coming home to my peaceful home, now. Thanks, Sydney!" -Jeanne

"Sydney helped me organize my home and reclaim my space. What a huge relief. Sydney is very professional and easy to work with." -Stephanie


In Robin Sharma's, "The Saint, The Surfer, and The CEO" he refers to a person's Final Questions, explaining that, "when you lie on your deathbed taking your last breaths, there will be only three questions that will be at the forefront of your mind... They're simply: Did I live wisely? Did I love well? and Did I serve greatly?" This last question is the one I'd like to address. Sure, these positive reviews build a great reputation for my business, but most importantly, for me, they are confirmation that my work has an impact, I am improving lives, and that I am serving others greatly.

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