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What I Love About Being a Professional Organizer

When I set out to start my business as a home organizer, I had no idea how much joy I would get out of it. I knew I loved organizing and I was good at it but what I didn't expect was how my clients would have such a positive impact on me and so many other things! Even though I'm more on the introvert side, I love getting to know other people, their life experiences, and what makes them, them. A home is a very personal place and what each person has in their home often tells their story. Certain spaces are more personal than others, but even a pantry can help me get to know my clients. Getting to know my clients helps me understand what purpose each space should serve and where certain items should be located.

At the end of a project for my clients, I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. When my client takes a step back, sees the finished product and tells me how happy they are, how relieved, and how less stressful this space has become, I am reminded why I do what I do. It's an amazing feeling, loving what you do. After spending many years bouncing from one office job to another, I finally feel like I have found my purpose. I get to help individuals and families restore their calm and create the home of their dreams. There is nothing better than physically seeing the positive impact you've helped bring others. One of my clients told me that she truly believed that since working with me and decluttering what was not serving her anymore, new opportunities that hadn't appeared before for her were beginning to come to fruition in her life. (I believe in that stuff, don't judge me.)

Lastly, being a professional organizer gives me the ability to be creative, something that lacked in previous jobs I have had. When I walk into a home, I am a new set of eyes that can see what my clients can't. I look past the clutter and focus on the bones of the space, envisioning a better way to maximize it. Choosing between shelves, lazy-susans, stackable bins, or baskets to acrylic, white, or bamboo, my brain gets to be inventive and artistic. It's a win when I transform a space to be functional and beautiful.

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