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What is a Professional Organizer and Why Hire One?

This industry only just became recognized in the last 35 years. Are they cleaners? Do they come in and tell you what to keep or toss? Are they active participants in the organization process?

Simply put, professional organizers assist individuals in decluttering their spaces and implement customized systems to maximize space and improve efficiency.

They are not there to scrub the inside of your microwave or vacuum your floors. If your pantry shelves need a quick wipe down they will happily do so, but they are there to get you organized.

They will never force you to get rid of anything that you aren't ready to. They may ask questions to help you decide whether or not to keep certain items but it is their job to organize whatever you decide to keep in the best possible way.

In most cases, they are physically involved in the process. They are lifting heavy boxes around, sorting your items into categories, and toting items for donation to consignment stores. (Yes, most professional organizers include free donation drop off at the end of a session. Hallelujah!)

Just like personal trainers help you achieve your health and fitness goals, professional organizers help you achieve your organizational goals. These are individuals who have been blessed with a natural gift (and love!) for organizing.

So, why hire a professional organizer?

1. They're efficient. How many times have you decided that today is the day you're finally going to declutter and organize your garage only to take one look and run because you don't even know where to start. Professional organizers have fine-tuned the organization process and will show you exactly where to begin, simplifying an often daunting task. Plus, they'll be working right alongside you, cutting the time spent in half. While you are deciding whether to keep, toss or donate one pile, they are gathering all of your car cleaners and your camping gear into piles so you can then decide what to keep, toss or donate of that specific category.

2. They know what will work best in your space, within your budget AND be aesthetically pleasing. Professional organizers have already tried and sampled the vast selection of products available with their past clients and in their own homes. (Think bins, baskets, lazy susans, and tiered shelving.) They know what works and what doesn't and will do all of the shopping for you, saving you the headache of searching for and ultimately having to return items that just don't work in your space. Often, organizers will bring a few different options for you to choose from depending on your style. And then they return what isn't used!

3. They keep you focused all the way to project completion. When you hire an organization expert, you are carving out time in your schedule to get the task done and being held accountable. A professional organizer will help keep you focused and you'll avoid becoming distracted or making excuses as to why you can finish this project next month. The best way to get a task like this done is to do it one fell swoop (or all in one week for larger projects) - or it just won't get done.

4. Lasting results. Your home will stay organized. How many times have you felt like you've picked up your living room or put everything away in your kitchen on a Sunday and by Friday it looks like a bomb went off again? How frustrating, right?! Although staying organized does take some consistency on the clients' end after a professional organizer leaves, your home is much more likely to stay this way after hiring an expert. Everything, I mean everything will have a home, labels will be installed so categories and systems stay in place, and you'll be able to easily see and find what you already own to avoid purchasing duplicates.

5. Lastly, they will be respectful and nonjudgemental. Professional organizers have seen it ALL. They are kind and forgiving individuals, who will never judge you or your things.

Some people have the talent for organizing and some just don't. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. If organizing isn't a strength of yours, don't be afraid to hire some help! Not only will you end up with a tidy kitchen or pantry at the end of your session, but you'll also learn tips and tricks to organize that you can use over and over again.

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