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Beautiful and functional

organizing tailored to your space and needs.

Based in Renton, Washington, we help busy individuals and families organize their spaces so they can fall in love with their homes again. Our goal is to maximize your space and improve your efficiency, all while maintaining your unique style. We service homes in Renton, WA, Newcastle, WA, Mercer Island, WA and more.

The Shipshape Process


After you contact me with your needs, we will schedule a quick 15-minute call to make sure I offer what you are looking for. From here, we schedule an in-home consultation. 


We meet! I come to your home and you show me the spaces you want organized. We will discuss your goals and budget as well as schedule our organizing sessions. I will take pictures and measure the space.


You sit back and relax while I plan, design, and shop for your space!


On the day of our first session, depending on your needs, we will declutter first. Then I will work my magic, organizing and implementing any products. Custom labels and one donation haul away per session are included!


Meet Sydney, owner of SBS!

Shipshape by Sydney was started in 2019 from her passion for all things organizational and a desire to help others feel in control and in love with their homes. 


She has worked as a nanny, a property management leasing consultant, a data analyst, and as the office manager for a fitness-tech company. Although starkly different, all of these jobs required a high-level of organization which was the piece she consistently loved the most.

Sydney believes that our environments impact our wellbeing and life satisfaction more than we realize. Cluttered and unorganized spaces can adversely affect your mood, productivity, or relationships.


Whether you are lacking the time or feeling overwhelmed by your home, Sydney cannot wait to take this stress off your shoulders!


Her goal is to make your home work for you, not against you and show you how beautiful and functional your home can be. (You might even laugh a little together along the way!)


"I hired Sydney to reorganize our kids playroom, pantry, and kids school/art area. She knocked it out of the park and I’m having her come back to do our kids’ dresser/closet. We finally feel more at home after moving in 7 months ago."

-Chloe F.

Timberly Williams

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